July 24, 2024


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Video Marketing for Book Authors, or Add Buzz to Your Book Marketing Plan and Impress Your Publisher

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Still trying to a find a publisher for your book? It’s a great book, but everyone tells you that your marketing plan is weaker than your competition? Add video marketing to your marketing plan and not only will it impress your publisher, you’ll increase your book sales, build brand, and make a name in cross marketing.

It’s known in the publishing industry that today, your marketing plan is what makes or breaks the deal. Let’s say you’re not an internet marketer, but you’ve heard about the internet potential. Great, but how can you as a non-internet marketer use all that potential for marketing your book?

Join the Video Revolution

Make a short, attractive video relevant to your book. Do you have a cookbook? Make a video of some of the techniques. Offer it as a free DVD or a free downloadable file. You can have online stores that carry your book offer the free DVD. On their landing page, your book will also be for sale, plus the online store will collect the contact information of the customer who ordered the free DVD. Anyone ordering your free video is a responsive audience to your material.

Printing and producing the DVD costs money. Can you get a corporate sponsor? If you can get an organization to cover your DVD expense, then they can have a byline on the disk and the advertisements.

Shipping the DVD costs money. Some people will click through on an offer of a free DVD, only to abandon the shopping cart when they realize they will have to pay shipping. Offering a free DVD download will solve this problem. You can still harvest contact information of the potential customer before giving them the download information.

Now that contact information has been collected for either the disk or the downloadable, you can follow up with a newsletter, marketing material, special discounts, testimonials, or other products that are related to your book.

Publishers want to see that you know how to market your book. Add video marketing to your marketing plan. It’s not just buzz. More people are willing to take time to view a video than listen to audio. You can use this readiness to market your book. With a clear marketing plan, your efforts to find a publisher will have vastly greater probability of success.

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