June 17, 2024


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Networking Intergrity

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Networking is not just about attending events and growing a massive contact list. It is genuinely about building quality relationships, developing your skills and growing a network. Many times, individuals lose sight of these key fundamental points. Believe it or not, having integrity towards your business counterparts can greatly impact your networking endeavors. Being honest, showing respecting and adding value are just a few ways of building trust which is conducive for significant relationships.

Listed below are a few tips for having integrity while connecting with others.

Be a Do-er

Lead by example. If you say that you are a professional, then conduct yourself in a professional manner. Arrive early or on time for events. Do your best to keep your appointments. Strive to show an interest in others and be willing to pay it forward in an effort to gain trust. Follow up with your promises and keep your word as a sign of credibility.

Case Studies

Research has shown that individuals are willing to do business with people they know, like and trust. The trust factor goes a long way with loyalty and commitment. Making integrity a priority increases the consistency of long term relationships. It is also a branding mechanism for recognizing your character and ethics. You do not have to be perfect but you can do what is right and acknowledge faults or mishaps.

Value Proposition

Showing integrity highlights your values. It makes clear what is important to you and the manner in which you relate with others. This can be an excellent way of communicating, developing and sharing within your networks. It can also identify the right partners, colleagues and associations for conducting business.

Use these tips to master the art of networking. Apply this knowledge to enhance and grow your networks for big success.

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