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Top 7 AI Copywriting Tools To Generate Content In 2022

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Top 7 AI Copywriting Tools To Generate Content In 2022

Artificial Intelligence is the new face of technology in this time of the internet. It has become an important part of many fields from designing to copywriting and others. The main purpose of getting popular AI-based tools is depending on their effectiveness and reliable working. 

Have you been fed up with thinking creatively as a copywriter? Are you struggling with repetitive words or ideas in this field? If yes, you should try the Best AI copywriting tools. Such tools can help you in resolving this problem and experience better outcomes. By using an AI copywriting tool, you can easily generate crispy and engaging writing.

This blog aims to tell you about the best 7 AI copywriting tools and their features. Let’s get started!

What Is AI Copywriting Software?

AI copywriting software is designed by a combination of AI and NLP algorithms. The main purpose of these tools is to get instructions from the users and follow them to write a write-up within a fraction of a second.

A user, like you, need to insert keywords related to your concerned writing and set a few parameters to use this tool. It will then use its AI technology to interpret your instructions and write a new copy of the content by analyzing other results available on the internet. The NLP involvement makes the writing generated by this tool reliable and readable. The AI copywriting tool will always use human-friendly language to write your desired content. You can generate content for any type like for a blog or an ad campaign.

Due to the efficiency of these tools and their smooth working, they have become a part of the writing field. Many prominent brands are using the best AI copywriting tools for various purposes.

If you have been trying hard to write engaging copy for any brand, you should give such tools a try. It will be helpful for you to use such tools.

AI copywriting tools have impacted the writing field in almost every aspect. It has almost resolved the problem of low-quality writing. If you are a writer, you must have seen that it is hard to engage the readers with your content.

With the help of AI copywriting tools, you can resolve this problem. Such tools can help you in this regard and let you engage the people with your content.

As per reports, American Market Association (AMA) generated content for their newsletters using an AI tool. They got tremendous outcomes along with a 42% monthly engagement rate with consistent returns from the subscribers.

Similarly, AI copywriting can also help you in writing effectively with a better flow. As mentioned above, this software analyzes the content available on the internet first before writing for you. With its AI algorithm, it can easily understand what others are talking about on that topic.

Along with this, it can create a proper flow in the writing for you that will automatically raise the engagement rate. Due to its writing property in a proper flow, you can use AI writing tools for writing blogs as well as other types of content.

Another benefit that you will get while using an AI tool is time-saving. While working as a copywriter, you must have seen that it takes a lot of time, research, and effort to draft a single page with premium quality. 

An AI copywriting tool will help you in resolving this problem. You can easily generate content for any purpose within a few seconds. The only thing that you have to do is to follow the interface of the tool and insert parameters accordingly to get the best outcomes.  It will use your instructions and generate the content within a fraction of a second. You can easily copy that generated text and use it wherever you want to.

What Type Of Content Can AI Copywriting Tools Create?

An AI copywriting tool can generate content of all types. Whether you are looking to write a blog, ad content, or social media post description, you can use this tool. Here is a short list of content types that such content can create for you.

  • Blog post 
  • Ads content 
  • Social media captions 
  • Emails 
  • Content for newsletters 
  • Banner content 
  • Product descriptions 
  • Reviews 
  • Informational articles

In short, you can generate almost all types of content by using an AI copywriting tool. It will not restrict you from generating content regardless of its nature. You only have to follow some tips while generating content using an AI tool.

First of all, you should need to follow the instructions to use the tool given on its page. You can also read the guiding manual for better understanding. Secondly, you should have to insert the instructions carefully.

The reason is AI tool will follow your given instructions to analyze results from the search engine. So, it is right to say that your instructions will be responsible for the quality of generated content. These are the main steps that you have to keep in your mind while using an AI tool.

Using these tips, you can generate any type of content with the help of this tool. The only thing that you should keep in your mind is to proofread the text before using it.

Characteristics of Ideal Copywriting Software

AI copywriting software has multiple features and advantages over ordinary tools that are available on the internet. You must have to read about the characteristics of such a tool to understand how they can help you in copywriting.

Write In A Flow

These tools are programmed well to understand your instructions and think like the human brain. The best AI copywriting tools will write content in a proper flow. It will not write in an irregular manner that you may have experienced in other tools.

Such tools will allow you to get your content ready in a proper flow. In some cases, you may have to face problems but it can be due to instructions that you have inserted in the tool.

Enhance Readability

Almost all AI copywriting tools are designed well to understand and write in a well-mannered style along with simple words. It means that the final text will be more readable than your manual writing expertise.

An AI tool can write content with more readability than manual writing. The reason is such a tool will follow an algorithm and utilize its programmed instructions to choose the words for your text. So, you can say that such a tool will help you in writing for all people and all type of businesses.

Improve Quality

In manual writing, you may have seen problems like flaws in the content, irregular connection, or other low-quality writing aspects. With the help of AI-based software, you can easily avoid such conditions.

Such tools will not write irregularly and leave flaws in your content. But they will help you in improving the quality of the content in addition. So, you can easily copy that text or proofread it to have an idea about the quality of writing generated by such a tool.

No doubt, hundreds of tools have been launched recently in this field. Not all of those tools are good to use. Here we have enlisted the 7 best AI copywriting tools that can help you. 


Jasper AI Copywriting Tool

Jasper is one of those tools that changed the field of AI copywriting completely. Using this tool, you can generate any type of content from long-form to ad descriptions. It can be used by any person related to the writing field including copywriters and bloggers.


  • 50+ content templates 
  • SEO tool Integration (Surfer SEO)
  • Advanced algorithm 



Paraphraser.io AI Copywriting Tool

When working as a copywriter, you must have seen some masterpieces on the internet. You must have thought to write in the same way but were unable to do this because of many reasons. Paraphraser.io can help you in this regard as it has a unique working method. To use this tool, you can insert the original content by copying it. The tool will exactly provide you with text with the same idea and intentions. Doesn’t matter which type of content you want to create, you can use this tool. 


  • Multi-lingual
  • Free for basic use 
  • One-click working 
  • Readable content creation


  • Need manual involvement 
  • Use your idea to generate content 


Copysmith AI Copywriting Software

Among other best AI copywriting tools, Copysmith is also a creative writing tool with an advanced algorithm. This tool has been designed with a simple interface and management system. You can create content for your blog, email, and other long-form content using this tool. 


  • One-click file saving 
  • Direct integration using plugins 
  • Easy to collaborate with your team 


  • Complex interface 
  • Limited content templates

Copy Ai

Copy AI Copywriting Software

If we say that Copy.ai is the best choice to go with for all types of writing, it will be right. You will find multiple templates related to content writing, social media captions, and emails on this tool. It means that this tool is versatile for everyone related to the writing field. 


  • Free account creation 
  • Content creation for everyone 
  • Fast processing 


  • Limited input options 
  • Add fluff in long-form content 


Rytr AI Copywriting Software

If you want to work in other languages instead of English only, Rytr can be a good choice for you. This tool supports more than 30 languages that make it simple for you to write in your desired language. You can use this tool by sharing seats of this tool with your friends or colleagues. 


  • Support 30+ cases or templates 
  • Plagiarism checker integration 
  • Single member as well as team subscription 


  • Slow processing 
  • Limited to short-form content 


Anyword AI Copywriting Tool

It is one of the best AI copywriting tools with an easy content creation process. Anyword enables you to create content of all types with a single click. You don’t have to stick with complex steps while using it. 


  • Performance score display 
  • Custom mode working 
  • Continuous optimization 


  • Limited seats 
  • More expensive than all others


Writecream AI Copywriting Tool

This AI tool is best if you need plagiarism-free content for any type of content. It enables you to generate content for ads, emails, and long-form content with 100% uniqueness.


  • GPT-3 based tool 
  • Multiple copywriting templates 
  • Generate all content types 


  • Pretty new in the market 
  • Have basic features 


In the above section, we have shared a list of the 7 best AI copywriting tools that you can use. It is pretty simple to use any of these tools because of the simple interface. 

FAQs | Best AI Copywriting Software

Which according to you is the best AI copywriting software?

There are multiple AI copywriting software but Jasper is considered the best of others. It has multiple features that other tools don’t have.

What type of A.I. technology does this software use?

Such software use AI and NLP side by side for understanding and writing content on your given topic.

Can AI replace copywriters?

No, it is because, without copywriters, you can’t proofread the generated content and make sure that the content is reliable.

Does AI copywriting have a future?

Yes, AI copywriting has a bright future because it can lower costs and save time for copywriters.

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